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Note: Max speed is for wired speed. Wi-Fi speeds may vary.
To view performance details, visit
Actual speeds may also vary based on your physical location.
Limitations on internet service may impact your ability to stream services.
Call 1.800.921.8101 with your address to confirm availability.

Monthly Promotional Rate (for New Customers Only)
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In addition to rates for new customers, Frontier offers competitive bundled pricing (TV, Internet, and phone) and other offers.
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Other Charges and Terms

Frontier does not have a data usage limitation.
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Purchase Router
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Lease Router Or Lease Router
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Internet Infrastructure Surcharge: $3.99; Other monthly fees

One-time fees
Activation Fee
Equipment and Delivery Fee
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A deposit may be required based on credit history
Full Installation fee
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Self-Installation fee
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Early termination fee

Government Taxes and Other Government-Related Fees May Apply:
Varies by location

Other services on network - use of VOIP or Vantage TV may affect maximum broadband speeds

Performance: Individual experience may vary

Typical speed downstream Percentage of advertised download speed

Typical speed upstream Percentage of advertised upload speed

Typical latency
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Network Management

Application-specific network management practices?

Subscriber-triggered network management practices?

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Complaints and inquires
To contact us: Online/1.800.921.8101
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To contact the FCC: Online/1.888.225.5322

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