Vantage™ Internet by Frontier®

Great news! Vantage Internet is available in your area.

Stream what you want, when you want with no data caps* on any of the speed options below.

High-Speed Internet at a Price You Can Brag About

Whether you're in a small town or a city, Frontier has an internet package that's just right for you. We offer several tiers of service with incredible download speeds of as fast as 115 Mbps (available in limited areas).
12 Mbps

Vantage Internet Ultra

Vantage Internet Ultra offers speeds as fast as 12 Mbps download.
18 Mbps

Vantage Internet Plus

Vantage Internet Plus offers speeds as fast as 18 Mbps download.
25 Mbps

Vantage Internet Elite

Vantage Internet Elite offers speeds as fast as 25 Mbps download.
45 Mbps

Vantage Internet Power

Vantage Internet Power offers speeds as fast as 45 Mbps download.
speedometer icon

Vantage Internet Extreme

Vantage Internet Extreme offers speeds as fast as 90 Mbps download.
115 Mbps

Vantage Internet Velocity

Vantage Internet Velocity offers speeds as fast as 115 Mbps download.

Vantage Internet

The speed and connectivity you need.

High-Speed, Great Price

Vantage Internet can help keep you and your household connected at a price you can afford. Our various packages provide you with the speed you need, whether you're checking emails or sitting down to have fun online gaming.

Find helpful information by visiting the Frontier Help Center. Additional questions? Our Technical and Customer Support teams are available 24/7 to provide assistance and/or answer any questions you might have.

*Other terms and conditions apply, including Frontier’s Acceptable Use Policy and Network Management Policy and are subject to change without notice. Service availability varies by location.

Service available in select areas only. Service speed is not guaranteed and will depend on many factors. Maximum service speed is not available to all locations and the maximum speed for service at your location may be lower than the maximum speed in this range. Service speed is not guaranteed and will depend on many factors. Service and promotion subject to availability. Service subject to availability. Installation ($85), broadband router fee ($10/mo.), Internet Infrastructure Surcharge ($3.99/mo.), taxes, governmental surcharges, and fees, and other applicable charges extra, and subject to change during and after the promotional period. A $10 broadband processing fee upon disconnection of service applies. Taxes, governmental and other Frontier-imposed surcharges apply. Other restrictions apply.

For more information regarding each individual broadband product, including the relevant FCC Broadband Consumer Disclosure, please click “Learn More” above for the relevant product.

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