Belkin Battery Backup Unit

Keep your VoIP service up and running even during a power outage.
Sold for
$ 39
for VoIP customers

Additional Belkin Battery Backup Unit

Frontier offers an optional external Battery Backup Unit (BBU) from Belkin. The BBU will provide additional backup power to your Residential Gateway in the event of a prolonged power outage to keep your VoIP phone service working.

Battery Backup Unit

Provide additional backup power to keep your VoIP phone service working during power outages at an extremely affordable price.

Don't be left without phone service during power outage.

Frontier provides all Residential VoIP customers with the option to purchase two Belkin 4 hour external Battery Backup Units (BBUs) for the price of one. This will provide customers with a minimum of 8 hours combined battery backup power in the event of a power outage to keep your VoIP phone service working, allowing you to continue to make emergency calls.

*All Sales are final. The BBU must be fully charged to provide suggested battery-backup time. You should not rely on the BBU to provide the standard full amount of battery-backup time if a power outage occurs before the battery is fully charged. During this period, and at all other times in general, you should ensure that you have an alternative means of calling 911, such as via a cellular phone. Your Frontier VoIP phone service will not function without electrical or battery-backup power.

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