PowerReserve Battery Backup Unit

Don’t be left without phone service during power outages!
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$ 39

Frontier offers an optional external Battery Backup Unit to provide backup power to keep your FiOS phone service working.

PowerReserve BBU

Don’t be left without phone service during a power outage.

The PowerReserve is an optional backup power device that plugs into your Frontier equipment. With 12 standard, fresh D-cell batteries, the PowerReserve will provide up to 25 hours of basic voice service, including 911 dialing, in the event of a power outage.

*All sales are final. The PowerReserve BBU must use fresh batteries to provide suggested battery backup time. You should not rely on the BBU to provide the standard full amount of battery backup time if a power outage occurs when the BBU is out of batteries or has used batteries. During this period, and at all other times in general, you should ensure that you have an alternative means of calling 911, such as via a cellular phone. Your Frontier FiOS phone service will not function without electrical or battery-backup power. Power for services provided on the Frontier network must be supplied by the customer. Customer is responsible for backup battery replacement. Backup battery does not supply power for Internet or video services. In case of power failure, 911 service will be available until the backup battery expires. Certain telephones, answering machines and other telephone equipment not meeting industry standards may not work with service provided on the Frontier network.

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