If you experience a power outage, your FiOS TV and Internet will not work. However, if you have the optional Battery Back-Up Unit in your Optical Network Terminal (ONT), your FiOS Digital Voice will work for up to 8 hours.

Your FiOS® equipment includes an ONT. If you have an external ONT, it will be mounted near your water or gas meter. If you have an internal ONT, it will be mounted on the wall near your electrical panel.

Your Battery Backup Unit (BBU) or Power Supply Unit (PSU) is mounted on a wall inside your home, either on the wall shared with your external ONT or in the same housing as your internal ONT. Please see the photos—your unit may look like one of these—and find out what the unit's lights mean.

Note: Before throwing away the old battery, we urge you to be environmentally friendly. Battery disposal standards and requirements vary by state. Please visit  www.epa.gov or call the EPA directly at 1.800.424.9346. Thank you!

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