Your service has a Battery Back-up Unit (BBU) located inside your garage or house where it can be easily monitored. If your ONT is accidentally unplugged or the power goes out, your back-up battery will provide you with power for voice service for up to 8 hours.

Please note:

  • Your phone will not work during a power outage if you do not have a BBU installed.
  • Your BBU will not operate your Internet service or router.

The BBU contains a series of indicator lights that tell you whether your service is being powered by your home's electricity or the battery. If you are experiencing trouble with your phone service, check your BBU. A green light indicates that your BBU is operating normally. A yellow light means it is operating on battery power. If the light is not lit, check that the unit is plugged in. A red light or a low-battery alarm indicates that the battery is not connected or needs to be replaced.

See No Power for photos and instructions.

FiOS® or Vantage™ Customers with ONT battery Vantage Voice Customers
The Frontier-supplied ONT battery in your unit is designed specifically for use with the Frontier FiOS Network. Use of a battery other than a 12-Volt 7.2 Ah SLA Sealed Lead Acid battery is not recommended since other battery types may impact the performance of your FiOS services. Frontier is not responsible for damages resulting from use of an improper battery. The average life of your battery is between 2 and 4 years, depending on the average temperature of the environment. The Battery Backup Unit (BBU) is available for purchase to Vantage Voice customers to help keep their phone service operational in the event of power outages. Your backup battery or batteries may be in different locations, depending on your network configuration. As described in the Frontier Voice Customer Notice, you are solely responsible for obtaining and maintaining the BBU for your Frontier Voice service.

The BBU comes with the original manufacturer's warranty and you need to contact your BBU manufacturer directly to obtain a repair or replacement. The BBU manufacturer may ask you to provide a proof of purchase. Unfortunately, Frontier is not able to provide such information for former AT&T customers. Depending on which BBU type you have, please visit the following manufacturers' web sites for more information:
 Belkin |  Arris |  EnerSys

Please read the following documents for more answers about Battery Backup for Frontier Voice:

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