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FiOS® Internet

The fast way to stay connected.

What is FiOS®?

Why fiber optics? Unlike cable, FiOS utilizes light to transfer video and data signals all the way to your home. 100% fiber optics is why FiOS internet is able to deliver exceptional performance and reliability and makes your home internet service incredibly fast. Quite simply, little else compares.


internet_ser_img2Why Speed and Reliability Really Matter

FiOS internet gives you upload speeds as fast as your download speeds. This makes it possible to upload photos and videos faster, video chat and game with virtually no lag time. Only FiOS speed has you covered with the power you need for blazing-fast FiOS internet speed on all of your devices, even when everyone at home is online at the same time.



How Fast is FiOS® Internet?

It’s all about the megabits. Mbps stands for megabits per second, which is a measurement of how much information your internet connection can transmit in one second. The more data-heavy the process, the more Mbps required. Luckily, broadband and FiOS internet plans from Frontier offer equally fast upload and download speeds. Discover our FiOS internet prices to find your perfect plan today, whether it’s a price for FiOS internet only or a whole bundle of services.


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