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FiOS® Security

The reliable way to stay secure.

security_ser_img1A network you can trust

Frontier Secure is a comprehensive suite of digital essentials that help keep you and your family supported, connected and protected. Frontier Secure features solutions for the connected home, including device security, identity theft and credit protection, device and equipment protection and more.


security_ser_img2Device security & identity protection

Frontier Secure makes sure you and your family’s online presence is safe across your devices, and provides protection with 24/7 credit monitoring and identity theft protection—a must if you surf, shop, or manage finances online, and use public Wi-Fi hot-spots.


security_ser_img3Connected home with content anywhere

Stay connected with FiOS Secure at the speeds you need to keep up with the world around you. We strive to make everyday living smarter and more convenient by keeping you connected with all of your content in one place to access anywhere, anytime, on any device.


security_ser_img4Equipment protection

What would you do without your device? It’s a frightening question. Protect the technology in your home from mechanical failures and accidental damage. After all, accidents happen and peace of mind goes a long way.



security_ser_img5Premium technical support

We all wish we had an IT guy on demand. Luckily, Frontier’s Premium Technical Support is like having your own army of computer experts with unlimited 24/7 access to our technical team.

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