DNS Hosting Services Terms and Conditions

DNS Hosting Services Terms and Conditions

You are responsible for registration of your domain names and payment of any domain name registration fees.

You represent and warrant the following:

  • each domain name you are requesting Frontier to host is owned by you, and
  • you consent to the hosting of your domain names by Frontier or their third party providers, and
  • the requested domain names, and the use of such domain names, will not interfere with the rights of any third party, infringe upon any trademark, service mark or other personal, moral or property right. 

You will indemnify Frontier against any and all claims related to the DNS Services.

Frontier may elect to terminate or suspend its hosting of or provision of any DNS Services with respect to any or all of your domain names immediately upon written notice if (i) a registration for any such domain name is denied, revoked or placed on "hold" or assigned to a third party; or (ii) Frontier receives or becomes aware of any complaints, conflicting claims, disputes or court orders regarding the domain name.

The DNS Services are provided on an "as is" basis. In no event shall Frontier be liable for providing, failing to provide, or the performance or the failure to perform the DNS Services.  Without limiting the foregoing, Frontier does not make any warranties regarding the DNS Services.  Frontier shall not be required to participate in any disputes relating to the application or the registration of any domain name.

Frontier may elect to discontinue the provision of the DNS Services provided hereunder at any time upon at least thirty (30) days prior written notice.

Updated February 1, 2013