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Each industry has its own unique data management needs. Our Business Edge Specialists can help identify yours, and develop a custom solution to meet them — whether your organization is looking to expand or already has multiple locations. And we’re based in your area, so we know your market as well as your industry.

Enterprise: Solutions Designed for Your Industry

Assisted Living

Frontier solutions for assisted living are created to help you provide resident-centric care, ensure resident safety, maintain accreditation, and differentiate your brand while controlling costs and maximizing revenue.


Whether you’re a single branch savings and loan or a multi-state megabank, you need voice and data communications.


We provide the tools that help student bodies excel while supporting districts, campuses, and universities demands to maximize educator’s expertise.


It’s hard to think of an enterprise that manages more data than government, has more constituents to consider, and operates with changing priorities and budgetary constraints.


Frontier offers specialized services geared towards the unique challenges of the healthcare industry. From multi-site networks to Wi-Fi connections for patients, we provide the secure solutions today’s providers demand.


Offering a unique and appealing experience isn’t the only challenge for today’s inns, hotels and conference centers.