Long Distance Charges

If you have a Frontier unlimited plan, nearly all your long distance calls fall under one price, either statewide or across the nation. Please be aware that because Frontier is committed to a green environment, we want to reduce waste. Therefore, if you have an unlimited plan, your bill will not include a detailed description of every one of your calls.

If you have a Frontier Block of Time (BOT) plan with, for example, 300 or 600 minutes monthly, you can use that total number of minutes for one price. Any additional minutes you use will result in an additional fee.

If you are charged for long distance calls and Frontier is your long distance provider, you may have made calls over another company's network. This charge applies to collect, credit card or third party bill calls. If you think you've been charged in error, give us a call!

You may have noticed the letters FCA on your bill. FCA stands for Frontier Communications of America—the team that provides your long distance services.

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