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  • Unlimited nationwide talk time
  • Crystal-clear call quality
  • Helpful call management features


    Stay connected with Frontier Home Phone

    Frontier Home Phone services offer crystal-clear call quality day and night so you can have better conversations without worrying about dropped calls. And whether you’re calling into work meetings from the comfort of your home or you’re looking to save minutes on your cell phone plan, adding a home phone can help bring you and your family peace of mind.

    Our Home Phone plans include:

    • Crystal-clear call quality
    • Unlimited nationwide & long-distance calling
    • Helpful call management features like Caller ID, Call Waiting, and Voicemail

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    What makes us different?

    There are tons of providers to choose from. We’re not like the others.

    Years of experience

    We’re not new around here. We’ve been connecting people for more than 100 years.

    Network connectivity

    Dropped calls? Never heard of ‘em. With Frontier, you won’t have to worry about losing connection.

    Crystal clear call quality

    You can forget about static on your phone line. Better conversations happen when you can hear every word.


    Questions about Frontier?
    We’ve got answers.

    What is included with Frontier home phone plans?

    Depending on what’s available at your location, you can get features such as unlimited local and long-distance calling, voicemail and caller ID.

    Do I need Frontier Internet to get Frontier Home Phone?

    No. Frontier Unlimited Voice plans do not require Internet service. But when you combine phone and Internet services as a bundle, you’ll have everything you need to stay connected with ease.

    Does a Frontier Home Phone plan include a phone?

    No, a phone is not included with our Home Phone plans. BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone).

    Bundle Frontier TV, High-Speed Internet and Home Phone Service and Save!