Frontier Phone Services

Frontier Phone Services is a reliable home phone service when you need it most. A must-have for alarm system set-up and emergencies, Frontier Phone Service also offers service for local and long distance calling with popular features like Caller ID and call waiting. Dropped calls? Clear connection? Now you won't have an excuse—get talking!

High Quality VoIP & Internet Phone Service

Reliable Home Phone Service

A landline phone service that delivers quality at an affordable price? That's what you'll find with phone service from Frontier. Whether it's for use with an in-home alarm system or just for peace of mind in case of an emergency, we have a variety of plans that offer local and long distance calling, plus popular features like Caller ID and call waiting. Crystal-clear calling? We've got you covered.

Digital Phone Essentials includes unlimited local calling and 30 minutes of domestic long distance each month as well as Caller ID, call waiting, plus rollover minutes. Our Digital Phone Unlimited plan includes unlimited local AND domestic long-distance calling, plus Voice Mail.

Frontier Voice is high quality, VOIP-based home phone service exclusively for our Connecticut customers. Frontier Voice allows you to make and receive calls over your High Speed Internet connection using your existing phones. Frontier Voice offers over 20 custom calling features to enhance your busy, on-the-go life. Frontier Voice 200 offers 200 minutes of domestic calling to anyone in the U.S., with additional minutes priced at only 7 cents per-minute. Or, if you prefer a calling plan that doesn't include call limits, check out our Frontier Voice Unlimited plan which offers unlimited local and long distance domestic calling.

Need help? Check out our useful information and FAQs by visiting the Frontier Help Center. Our Technical and Customer Support teams are available 24/7 to answer any additional questions you might have.

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