Frontier® FiberOptic Internet is built for you.

Join the 100% fiber-optic network powered by Frontier Communications.


What is Frontier FiberOptic Internet?

A 100% fiber-optic internet connection to the home.

Fiber-optic technology

Frontier FiberOptic Internet helps keep you connected in your digital world. Same great fiber-optic network, just a new name. Plus, you’ll never go it alone; we’re available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help with your technical questions. We work hard so you're always connected.

Symmetrical upload/download speeds

Most other internet companies focus on your download speeds. That’s where we differ. Get symmetrical upload and download speeds* to upload files painlessly and video chat more clearly.

*available with select plans

Bandwidth to share

With most of us telecommuting for work and school, we need more speed to share. Get a fiber-fast connection to help keep everyone productive while online.


Frontier FiberOptic Internet Plans & Speed

Max speeds as fast as 50 Mbps

  • Browse websites and social media
  • Listen to your favorite music and podcasts
  • Stream/download videos and share files and photos
  • Max speeds as fast as 500 Mbps

  • Stream with high resolution video quality
  • Power multiple users and devices in your home simultaneously
  • Max speeds as fast as 940 Mbps

  • Telecommute and video conference with confidence
  • Keep all your connected devices powered up to the max with loads of bandwidth

  • Frontier FiberOptic Internet plans are not available at all residences. 

    Why Choose Frontier FiberOptic Internet?

    At Frontier, we work to make our FiberOptic Internet plans simple.

    No data caps*

    Stream, game and video chat as much as you want. No limits, no worries.

    *Other terms and conditions apply, including Frontier’s Acceptable Use Policy and Network Management Policy, and are subject to change without notice.

    No annual commitment

    Have control over your service and say goodbye to long-term contracts.

    No hidden monthly fees

    Get the connection you want with no pesky hidden monthly fees.

    More reasons to love Frontier

    Get fiber-optic internet that’s designed the way you want.

    Don’t go it alone

    Rely on our 24/7/365 technical support team

    1-year price guarantee on monthly service fee

    We believe in simple pricing


    Limited Offers Available. Contact-Free, Technician Guided Installations Only.

    For the safety of our customers and installation professionals, some of Frontier's TV plans are temporarily not available. Please call us for more information.

    Get even more when you build a bundle

    Our 100% fiber-optic network to the home offers more than just fast speeds. Whether you’re looking for HD television, internet or a great home phone connection—Frontier has what you need at a great price.

    • Add Frontier TV to upgrade your viewing experience.

    Frontier TV keeps you connected to the entertainment you love. Surf hundreds of live TV channels, binge from thousands of On-Demand titles and watch from anywhere you have a TV in your home. Plus, the FrontierTV App gives you access to your favorite shows, even when you’re on the go.

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    • Add Unlimited Digital Voice to hear the voices that matter most.

    Tired of keeping up with all of your different services and monthly bills? With a Frontier bundle, you can get your internet, TV and home phone plans all on one bill.

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      Questions about Frontier? We've got answers.

      Is Frontier FiberOptic Internet service available in my neighborhood?

      Frontier FiberOptic Internet is primarily available in select areas of California, Texas, Indiana and Florida. Our plans vary by location. If fiber-optic internet isn’t available near your home, you might be able to get our traditional internet service. 

      How fast are Frontier FiberOptic Internet speeds?

      On our 100% fiber-optic network to the home, max wired download/upload speeds can range as fast as 940/880 Mbps where available.

      What is Frontier FiberOptic Internet?

      Frontier FiberOptic Internet uses a collection of ultra-thin clear wires encased in a cable to deliver your connection. Pulses of light bounce along the thin wires transferring data from outside servers to your home network and vice versa. Your home equipment translates the pulses of light into data your devices understand. Fiber-optic cables are weather resistant and can transmit data efficiently. As a result, you’ll experience fast internet speeds for uploads and downloads.

      Which Frontier FiberOptic Internet plan is best for me?

      The internet plan you choose should depend on a few factors. The number of devices and users in your home, what those users do on the web and even your home’s floor plan correlate with the speed you need. If you live in a home with many connected devices and users or a home with lots of walls, consider a faster speed so everyone can do what they love with ease. If you need help deciding, give our fiber internet experts a call and they’ll help you determine the plan right for you.

    [1] Other terms and conditions apply, including Frontier’s Acceptable Use Policy and Network Management Policy, and are subject to change without notice.

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