Update Secure Pro

Did you see a message telling you your virus definitions are out of date? No problem. Secure Pro updates itself automatically when your device is connected to the Internet. If ever you need to update the virus definitions yourself, follow these steps:

PC, Mac or iOS device Android device
  1. Launch Frontier Secure Pro app.
  2. Select Tools tab.
  3. Select Check for updates.
  4. Verify last update check by going back to Status tab.
Secure Pro is fully cloud-enabled to stay up to date. To check the latest service status and updates:
  1. Launch Frontier Secure Pro app.
  2. Tap side menu icon (three lines at top left of screen).
  3. Select More and Updates.
  4. Under Updates tap Update now.
Note: Make sure the time and date on your device are correct or updates may not install.

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