Frontier CentrexManager

CentrexManager is a web-based portal that allows an enterprise administrator to assign service and change features for Centrex users within their organization. Specifically for Frontier’s Connecticut-acquired business customers, this product replaces their CentrexMate product with similar functionality.

CentrexManager works with:

  • Siemens EWSD
  • Alcatel-Lucent 5ESS

Some of Frontier's business customers in Connecticut are provisioned across one or more of the above telephony switches. These customers were notified by letter that they would be using a new application called CentrexManager and to call Frontier for information on training.

Customers can initiate training with a CSA at their convenience. For those who do not contact us directly, Frontier will reach out to coordinate a training day at their convenience. Large, high volume customers may request hands-on/on-site training.

Our training can be delivered in these formats:

  • In person
  • Webinars
  • Self-paced user guide
  • Training video with quick tips

You may access CentrexManager at with your login ID and password to gain access to the system once you download the Java Webstart client found at that link.


  • As a customer, you cannot use CentrexManager to make changes affecting your bill, but you can make routine changes to your lines and business groups.
  • You can use CentrexManager to suspend and un-suspend a line, but you cannot “busy out” a number.
  • All lines are provisioned using the standard Frontier provisioning tools and processes. CentrexManager does support swapping lines, which in effect swaps the endpoint. There are, however, CentrexManager audit logs and reports that can be run daily to capture this activity and update the billing records.

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