Frontier AnyWare

The Frontier AnyWare cloud-based business phone system is the most flexible and cost-effective path for small and mid-sized businesses toward a reliable, feature-rich business phone system. It is highly scalable and loaded with desirable cloud-based services like mobile twinning, business continuity routing and a web-based user portal to customize the solution for your business.

Download the Frontier AnyWare Mobile Client App and User Guides.

Several guides and training materials are available:

  •  E911 Sticker Template (also available in  Spanish)

    Warning — Emergency 911 Calls
    Your IP phone or UC Express Softphone (UCE) may not be capable of making calls to the appropriate emergency 911 public safety authorities, including police, and fire, in some locations. If you are planning on moving your phone or UCE PC, please contact your Sales Executive or Frontier Support at 1.855.438.7273 to learn how to update your location in the emergency 911 system.

    Frontier AnyWare E911 Information:
    • Each Customer will have a single DID # for presentation when calls are made to the E911 service dispatch center. This DID will provide location based information to the PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) to allow correct dispatch of emergency services.
    • Calls back into the customer site made by the Emergency Services on route will be directed to a default Ring Group that will ring all members in that location.
    • If you need more than one location (for example, if you plan on taking your desk phone or soft phone to a home office) needs to be identified, you can purchase additional E911 location numbers (additional MRC). Once purchased and added to the system, you can then change the E911 address for that phone (or multiple phones) to the additional E911 site listing.
    • Since this process is not instantaneous, you should purchase E911 site listings for required sites well in advance of the need.
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