Calling Features

Caller ID

If your Frontier phone services include Caller ID, here's what you need to know. Caller ID lets you know who is calling before you answer the phone. Caller ID shows you the number of the caller, while Caller ID with Name lets you see the name and number of the caller. Your display unit [...]

Call Forwarding

If your Frontier phone services include Call Forwarding, here's what you need to know. For detailed instructions, choose a call forwarding feature, including Call Forward (All Calls), Call Forward Busy, Call Forward Plus (or Deluxe), Call Forward Plus (Fixed/Variable), Call Forward Unanswered/No [...]

Call Waiting

Call Waiting lets you take another call when you're already on the phone. Call Waiting ID shows you the number and/or name of the incoming caller. Caller ID equipment—either a separate unit or built into your phone—is required for this service. Note: A distinctive beep (short, long, [...]


Hopefully you'll never need them, but it's good to know these privacy & security features are available. Caller ID Blocking allows you to suppress your ID when making a call, and Call Trace will be helpful if you should receive inappropriate phone calls that put your safety at risk. Be sure to [...]

Use My Voicemail

Your Frontier voicemail service helps you manage your calls and messages. You can listen to messages from anywhere, update your greeting as often as you like, save messages indefinitely, and so much more. Select the User Guide for your Phone Service [...]

Call Block/Priority

If your Frontier phone services include Call Block, Selective Call Rejection, or Selective Call Acceptance, here's what you need to know. Find out details about the Priority Ring and Selective Ring features. Be sure to download the handy  Business Calling Features Quick [...]

Voicemail Upgrade for Leola, PA Customers

Leola, PA Customers: Frontier is pleased to inform you that we will migrate your voicemail service to a new, more reliable voicemail platform on December 1, 2018. When you log in, the system will guide you to change your current security PIN—we recommend 6 or more digits—and set up [...]

Speed Dial/Efficiency

Take advantage of these time-saving features that will truly benefit your company. Find out how to use features including Speed Dial 8, Speed Dial 30, Three-Way Calling, Automatic Busy Redial, and Automatic Busy Redial. Hunting/Rollover and Conference Calling are also available. Be sure to [...]