Local Carrier Freeze Form
Local Carrier Freeze Form

Frontier can prevent your phone service from being switched without your consent. By adding a local carrier freeze on your account, any attempt made to change your service from Frontier to a new carrier will be stopped. In the event you wish to change to a new phone service provider in the future, it will be necessary for you to call us and ask that the freeze be removed in addition to the usual procedure for verifying carrier changes.

To comply with FCC regulations, Frontier is required to obtain your authorization prior to placing this method of prevention on your account. Please complete the information below.

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By clicking the above checkbox "I Agree" you:

(1) Acknowledge that you want to place a Block on your account to protect your choice of local carrier;
(2) Acknowledge that you have read and understand the Terms detailed above;
(3) Are signing this agreement using your electronic signature.

Under federal and state law, an electronic signature like this one is just as binding as manually signing a paper document.