How to use Frontier Webmail on mobile devices

Access Frontier Webmail through your device’s browser or follow these steps to add Frontier Webmail to your device’s mail app.

How to log in to your account

To access your Frontier Webmail account through Yahoo!
  1. Visit
  2. Enter your complete Frontier Webmail email address and password
  3. Click Login
    Note: Your Frontier Webmail address may include Frontier, FrontierNet, Citilink, Newnorth, Epix, or GVNI in its name.

    Apple iPhone and iPad

    1. Select Settings on your device
    2. Tap Mail then Accounts
    3. Tap Add Account
    4. Select Yahoo!
    5. Enter your complete Frontier email address and tap Next
    6. Enter your email password and tap Sign in
    For further help, please visit Apple’s support page.

    Android devices

    Directions may vary by Android device. Get more support here.
    1. Select Settings
    2. Tap Accounts
    3. Tap Add account
    4. Select Email
    5. Select Yahoo!
    6. Enter your complete Frontier email address and tap Next
    7. Enter your Frontier email password and select Sign In
    8. Agree to the terms of service

      Frontier email server settings

      When you set up Frontier Webmail on a new service, you may be asked for this information:

      Incoming Mail Server (POP3):

      Incoming Mail Server Port: 995

      Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):

      Outgoing Mail Server Port: 465

      Username: Your entire Frontier email address

      Password: Your email password

      SSL: Yes, or check box

      Requires authentication: Yes, or check box

        Frontier Webmail through Yahoo!

        If you need troubleshooting help for using your Frontier Webmail account through Yahoo, please visit the Yahoo help center.

            Note: The instructions included above are provided as a courtesy to you. Frontier Technical Support is not responsible for helping to configure your mobile device. If you need more help, please contact your device provider.

            Frontier and its subsidiaries are not responsible for any costs incurred by using Frontier Mail services on your mobile device. Please contact your mobile device provider for details on data usage.


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