Service Provider Information Number (SPIN)

See if you, your school, library, or organization qualifies for discounted phone and internet service.

Below is the current list of Service Provider Information Numbers (SPINs) specific to your area. These numbers are associated with the following qualifying telecommunications service types:

  • Mileage Related Charges
  • T3 or DS3
  • T1
  • ISDN
  • Frame Relay
  • ATM
  • Off Premise Extension
  • Satellite Service
  • Centrex
  • Dedicated Private Line
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Network Configuration Service
  • Direct Inward Dialing
  • Internet
  • Some Onetime (Installation) Charges

  • SPIN # State Company Name
    143001561AlabamaFrontier Communications of the South, LLC
    143002468ArizonaCitizens Utilities Rural Telephone Co.
    143002479ArizonaCitizens Utilities Co.
    143002480ArizonaNavajo Comm. Co.
    143034515AZ, CA, NVFrontier Communications of the Southwest, Inc.
    143004769CaliforniaFrontier California Inc.
    143002646CaliforniaCitizens Telecomm Co. of CA
    143001305ConnecticutThe Southern New England Telephone Company
    143001435FloridaFrontier Florida LLC
    143001474GeorgiaFrontier Communications of Georgia, LLC
    143002528IdahoCitizens Telecomm. Co. of Idaho
    143004791IL, IN, MI, OH, WIFrontier North, Inc.
    143001864IllinoisFrontier Communications of DePue, LLC
    143001868IllinoisFrontier Communications of Lakeside, Inc.
    143001883IllinoisFrontier Communications of Illinois, Inc.
    143001894IllinoisFrontier Communications - Midland, Inc.
    143001897IllinoisFrontier Communications of Mt. Pulaski, Inc.
    143001901IllinoisFrontier Communications of Orion, Inc.
    143001902IllinoisFrontier Communications - Prairie,Inc.
    143001904IllinoisFrontier Communications - Schuyler, Inc.
    143022698IllinoisCitizens Tel. Of Illinois, Inc.
    143004780IN, MIFrontier Midstates, Inc.
    143001731IndianaFrontier Communications of Indiana, Inc.
    143001761IndianaFrontier Communications of Thorntown, Inc.
    143001931IowaFrontier Communications of Iowa, Inc.
    143001110Long distanceFrontier Communications of America
    143004238Long distanceFrontier Communications of America, Inc.
    143001698MichiganFrontier Communications of Michigan, Inc.
    143002076MinnesotaFrontier Communications of Minnesota, Inc.
    143022402MinnesotaCitizens Tel. Of Minnesota
    143034514Misc.Frontier Communications Online & Long Distance, Inc.
    143001614MississippiFrontier Communications of Mississippi, Inc.
    143002547MontanaCitizens Telecomm. Co. of Montana
    143004771NC, SCFrontier Communications of the Carolinas, Inc.
    143022269NebraskaCitizens Tel. Of Nebraska
    143002677NevadaCitizens Tel. Company
    143002678NevadaCitizens Tel. Co. of Nevada
    143002562New MexicoNavajo Comm Company Inc.
    143001317New YorkFrontier Communications of AuSable Valley, Inc.
    143001334New YorkFrontier Communications of New York, Inc.
    143001341New YorkOgden Telephone Company
    143001348New YorkFrontier Telephone of Rochester,Inc.
    143001349New YorkFrontier Communications of Seneca Gorham, Inc.
    143001351New YorkFrontier Communications of Sylvan Lake, Inc.
    143001356New YorkCitizens Telecommunications Company of New York, Inc.
    143001357New YorkCitizens Telecommunications Company of New York, Inc.
    143001358New YorkCitizens Telecommunications Company of New York, Inc.
    143004819New YorkFrontier Communications of Rochester, Inc.
    143002642OregonCitizens Telecomm Co. of Oregon
    143001364PennsylvaniaFrontier Communications of Breezewood, LLC
    143001366PennsylvaniaFrontier Communications of Canton, LLC
    143001371PennsylvaniaFrontier Communications of Pennsylvania, LLC
    143001378PennsylvaniaFrontier Communications of Lakewood, LLC
    143001386PennsylvaniaFrontier Communications of Oswayo River, LLC
    143004645PennsylvaniaCommonwealth Telephone Co.
    143005465PennsylvaniaCTSI, LLC dba Frontier Communications, CTSI Company
    143001645TennesseeCitizens Tel. Of Tennessee, LLC
    143004789TexasFrontier Southwest Incorporated
    143002574UtahCitizens Telecomm Co. of Utah
    143002575UtahNavajo Comm Company Inc.
    143004786WA, ID, ORFrontier Communications Northwest, Inc.
    143001427West VirginiaCitizens Mountain State Telephone Co
    143001430West VirginiaCitizens Mountain State Telephone Co
    143001431West VirginiaCitizens Mountain State Telephone Co
    143001432West VirginiaFrontier West Virginia Inc.
    143001848WisconsinFrontier Communications of Wisconsin, LLC

    If you need assistance determining which SPIN applies to your service, please contact your Frontier sales representative.