Business Services

Use Frontier Business Voice

Frontier Business Voice (available only in Indiana) is an advanced voice service that works on Frontier’s fiber-optic network, but uses traditional corded or cordless phones connected to your existing phone jacks. Frontier Business Voice lets you make direct-dialed domestic calls (including [...]


Please download the following user guides for your convenience:  CentraNet Service User Guide  CentraNet CustoPak User [...]

SmartVoice User Guides

See below for information on how to use you SmartVoice devices and answers to frequently asked questions.   Frequently Asked Questions   Frontier Communicator Desktop Guide   Frontier Communicator Mobile Guide   Frontier SmartVoice Business Admin Guide   Frontier [...]

Frontier CentrexManager

CentrexManager is a web-based portal that allows an enterprise administrator to assign service and change features for Centrex users within their organization. Specifically for Frontier’s Connecticut-acquired business customers, this product replaces their CentrexMate product with similar [...]

Frontier AnyWare

The Frontier AnyWare cloud-based business phone system is the most flexible and cost-effective path for small and mid-sized businesses toward a reliable, feature-rich business phone system. It is highly scalable and loaded with desirable cloud-based services like mobile twinning, business [...]