Provision the Mobile Client Softphone

Refer to your email welcome letter for information you will need to configure your Mobile Client softphone.

The softphone is now ready to be provisioned.

  1. Press Softphone Settings.
  2. Check Configure Softphone.
  3. Tap Password and enter the softphone extension number (e.g., 10*04).
  4. Turn on Used on Multiple Devices.
  5. Tap Teleworker Settings.
    Micollab - Softphone settings screen
  6. Tap Server and enter the MiCollab SIP gateway assigned to the customer's instance (e.g.,
    Note: Depending on your mobile device, you may also need to enter the SIP gateway IP address in the Advanced Settings/Server location:
    MiCollab SIP gateway
    Micollab - Teleworker Settings screen
  7. Tap Username and enter the set-side username assigned to this user (e.g., 5253SR1004).
  8. Tap Password and enter the set-side password for this user. This is the FIRSTINITIALareacodeextension#last4cglastinitial password created during user creation (e.g., O5051004#5253y).
  9. Tap Use Teleworker.

Note: The Server IP, SIP Username, and SIP Password are NOT universal. The SIS will provide those specifics on the CDC Sheet as required, much like any other SIP Device credential, e.g., ATA, Mitel 112, UC360, etc.

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