Navigating the MyFrontier mobile app

Sign in to the MyFrontier mobile app for Android or iPhone to manage your profile, payments, bills and more anytime, anywhere.

Learn more about making changes in the MyFrontier app.

Manage your account anytime, anywhere.

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Home screen and app dashboard

Once you sign in to the app, you'll start on your dashboard where you can:
  • Make a payment, view your bill and manage Auto Pay
  • Check the status of support tickets
  • View or manage your plans
  • Manage and troubleshoot your network
  • Get support
  • Update your account or security settings
Tap Home to go back to your dashboard at any time.


Tap the Billing icon at the bottom of your screen to:
  • View your current bill or make a payment
  • Manage Auto Pay or Paperless Billing
  • View, edit or cancel scheduled payments
  • See payment history
Learn more about making billing changes in the app.


Tap the More icon at the bottom of your screen to:
  • Change account information including your phone numbers, email addresses, password, Face ID (Apple users only) settings and payment methods
  • Manage your Frontier services
  • Choose your notification settings
  • Provide feedback
  • Sign out of the app
Learn more about making changes to your settings in the app.


Tap the Support icon at the bottom of your screen to:
  • Check for outages
  • Use our Support Wizard to get automated help
  • View or manage open support tickets
  • Browse frequently asked questions
  • Get help with billing, your account or Frontier services
Learn more about getting support in the app.

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