Make an Online Payment

You're already familiar with the way you pay when you shop online. You can set up an account, enter your billing information, then use that card you choose to pay for your purchases. That's how your Frontier account will work, too.

Sign in to your Frontier Account at the top right of any page on the site by clicking Sign In. If you need to create a Frontier ID, follow these easy instructions.

Be sure to enter and save your payment information. Then you’re set to pay your bill online.

Tip: You can do this in the MyFrontier Mobile app, too.

First, Sign In to My Account

To make a payment manually (just once or each month):

1 Click My Payments near the top of the screen, then click Make a Payment.
2 Choose your Payment Amount and click Current Balance or Previous Charges, or you may click Other and enter an amount to pay.
3 Select your saved Payment Method (or choose to add a new one).
4 Click the calendar icon to the right of Payment Date and click the date you'd like to make your payment. Make sure you schedule your payment on or before the due date to avoid possible late fees. We submit your payment request one banking business day prior to the date you choose in this step. Your checking account will typically be deducted on the scheduled date, but it depends on your bank. We post your payment to our billing system on the payment date that you choose.
5 Click Continue, then click Confirm. If you need to change payment amount, payment method or date. click Previous to go back and change the account. Once you're satisfied with your payment information, click Confirm.

A confirmation email will be sent to the email address associated with this account. You can also Print a copy of the confirmation for your records. Your payment confirmation number is displayed immediately.

To edit a payment after you've scheduled it:

1 Click My Payments in My Account and then click Payment History.
2 If your latest payment is marked Scheduled, click Edit to choose a different payment method, change the amount or the payment date.
3 If the payment is marked Pending, it is about to be processed and cannot be changed.

Is your account disconnected? If you have received a notice of disconnect, or your account has been disconnected and you are making a payment to restore services, Frontier recommends you make a payment by calling Collections at 1.800.921.8105 or via our automated payment service at 1.800.801.6652 ($3.50 fee may apply).

Still need help? Call 1.800.921.8101 or Live Chat

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