Multi-Device Security from Frontier

You can modify Browsing Protection settings and Time Limits through the Frontier Multi-Device Security application. On a PC, profiles displayed are specific to the Windows accounts currently set up on your PC. You can modify the settings by selecting a user's profile and clicking Settings. Each account can have different settings. For example, you can enable Content Filtering for your young children to prevent their access to unsuitable web content.

Note: The Parental Controls feature is not available on a Mac.

To set up Multi-Device Security Parental Controls:

Device How to Set Up
  1. Launch Multi-Device Security app and click Browsing Protection.
  2. Click on user to adjust and click Settings. (If you do not see the user you wish to edit, you can create a new user by clicking Create New User on left-hand menu.)
  3. To filter content user may view, click Content Filtering on left-hand menu and click top right corner toggle so it shows green. Adjust content to be blocked.
  4. To turn on Browsing Protection, click Browsing Protection on left-hand menu and click the top right corner toggle so it shows green.
  5. To set up browsing time limits for a user, click Browsing Time Limits on left-hand menu and click top right corner toggle so that it shows green. Adjust date, time or number of hours user can browse.
Note: Parental Controls can be different for each user.
  1. Open Multi-Device Security App and select menu in top left corner.
  2. Tap Parental Control near bottom of menu.
  3. Slide toggle to turn Parental Controls on.
  4. Select controls or features to limit. Adjust browsing content or time limits.
Note: For browsing content, you'll see list of categories. A tick in the box means content is allowed to be seen. When content is blocked, user will see a warning.
  1. Launch Multi-Device Security app.
  2. Enter Security Code if prompted. (This prohibits your child from making adjustments to their settings.)
  3. Select Parental Controls from menu.
  4. Slide toggle to turn Parental Controls on.
  5. To limit time usage, slide toggle next to Time Limits and set daily limits.
  6. To limit content, select Web Content and select the categories which should be permitted.
  7. To limit access to apps, select Apps and choose permitted apps.
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