Share with a Family Member or Friend

We know that you may not have 10 devices to protect, so we invite you to share the protection with your family or friends. Multi-Device Security sharing is easy. There are two options: Add a new device or Add a new user.

Task How To
Add new device
  1. Log into Multi-Device Security portal.
  2. Click Add Device button beneath your username.
  3. Choose Install on this Device to activate Multi-Device Security on your current device.
  4. Click Install on Another Device to install on another device.
Note: This process works best for devices you can personally manage or have access to within your household such as your children's or your spouse's devices.
Add new user
  1. Log into Multi-Device Security portal.
  2. Select Add User on home screen.
  3. Insert details necessary to invite new user (either by email or SMS/text message).
  4. New user is automatically added as a new user circle within your Multi-Device Security portal.
  5. After sending invitation, new user receives either an email or SMS message with instructions for installing Multi-Device Security on their device. New user also receives personal credentials for accessing their own services.
Note: This process is best when you want to share Internet security with loved ones, friends, co-workers, etc., but you would rather let them manage their own devices.
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