Tips & Troubleshooting

Use these instructions if you run into a specific problem, have a question, or want to learn more about using your Frontier Mail account.

To help reduce spam we limit the amount of mail our customers can send per hour and per day. These limits are high enough to ensure that you can send mail within a reasonable quantity, but should help stop large volumes of mail that may be generated by spam bots, viruses, etc.

The amount of space you have on the Frontier mail server depends on your service plan. To find out how much space you have, log in to the  Frontier Account Editor* using your complete Frontier, FrontierNet, Citlink, NewNorth, Epix, or Global Valley email address. Click Email > Web Site Storage Usage. You won't be able to exceed your space allotment on the mail server. If a message arrives that would exceed your quota, it will be bounced back to the sender with a notice stating that you are over quota and that the message cannot be delivered.

We recommend that you try not to send any attachments larger than 2–3 megabytes in size:

  • Try saving your pictures in .jpg (not .bmp) format—it takes up less space and speeds up the sending process.
  • Consider using your FTP space instead of emailing—that way, you'll just email a link, instead of the entire file. To learn how to do this, read about uploading files using an FTP program in Upload My Web Site.

If you're using your Residential account to send email for your business, consider upgrading to Business class service. The Business class product has a higher hourly/daily message threshold than the Residential product.

Quota Warning: Whenever new mail is added to your mailbox on the mail server, the quota is checked. When the disk usage exceeds 85% of your quota, you will receive an automatic quota warning message. To reduce the amount of space your email is using, consider deleting old or unnecessary messages—particularly messages with large file attachments. Be sure to empty your trash to truly delete the messages.

* You must be on the Frontier network in order to access the Frontier Account Editor. If you are in a hotel or at the office, you may not be able to access the Frontier Account Editor.

If your Frontier Anti-Spam option is set to Moderate or Aggressive, you will find a Junk folder when you log into Frontier Mail. The Junk folder and its contents will not count against your mail quota and each message will automatically be deleted from the Junk folder every 7 days. No action on your part is required.

Deleting the Junk folder only removes it during your current Frontier mail session. An empty Junk folder will be created again the next time you log in. To permanently remove the Junk folder from Frontier Mail you must change your Anti-Spam action to None. This is not recommended.

To change your Anti-Spam action level, log in to the  Frontier Account Editor* and select Anti-Spam. Change your preference to Moderate, Aggressive, or None. If you choose None, spam will no longer be blocked from reaching your inbox.

* You must be on the Frontier network in order to access the Frontier Account Editor. If you are in a hotel or at the office, you may not be able to access the Frontier Account Editor.

Every email message includes a block of text at the top that is referred to as the header. The header contains details about the message, including the sender's information, the recipient's information, the servers that handled the message as it traveled from the sender to the recipient, etc.

To view the headers of an email message in Frontier Mail, while in your Inbox, right-click the message in question and choose Show Original. The message headers will appear in a new window.

Here are solutions to a few problems you may find. Click the link that best matches the problem you are trying to solve.

If you are trying to send an email message and it gets bounced back to you with an error message:

  • You may have made an error in the email address. Check for any typos and try again. If it still bounces, that address may not exist anymore.
  • You may have gone over your message limit, attached a file that is too large, or included too many recipients.

Mail server error messages, explanations, and solutions are detailed on the  Frontier Postmaster page.

If you can't switch from Frontier Mail's Basic HTML view to the Advanced view, your computer's screen resolution may be too low. This is an easy adjustment to make:

  • Right-click on an empty portion of your PC's Desktop and select Properties > Settings. (If your computer runs Windows 7, click Screen Resolution.)
  • In the Screen area section of the window, use the slider bar to increase your screen area to at least 1024 x 768 pixels. (If your computer runs Windows 7, click the menu next to Resolution to find the slider bar.)
  • Click Apply > OK.

Frontier automatically deletes any UNREAD email messages OLDER THAN 6 MONTHS from our mail server. You will NOT be affected by this policy if:

  • You download your email into an email client such as Outlook Express, Outlook, Netscape Mail, Eudora, Thunderbird, etc. By downloading your email into an email client, you are saving your messages on your local computer, not on our mail server.
  • You store your messages in Frontier WebMail in subfolders other than the Inbox.
  • You regularly read/open your email messages.

You will only be affected if you don't read, open, or retrieve your email messages.

Frontier Mail does not acknowledge send or read receipts. A Send Receipt is a message confirming that your message has been delivered. A Read Receipt is a message that confirms the recipient has opened your email message, but it is possible for the recipient to block any read receipts.

If you continue to receive the same email messages over and over again, chances are that you have one message in particular that is prohibiting you from receiving all of your email. You can access the mail server directly at to determine which message may be causing the problem.

If you can determine which message is causing the problem, delete it from the mail server and your other email should be delivered properly.


  1. If you can't receive messages and you need to email, be sure to use a different email account or you won't be able to receive a reply from Tech Support.
  2. Email scanners and software firewalls may also cause this issue. Try turning off both your email scanner and firewall to see if this resolves your problem of receiving duplicate messages.

To add Spell Check to your toolbar in the Basic version of Frontier Mail:

  1. Log in to the  Frontier Account Editor* with your main Frontier, FrontierNet, Citlink, CTAZ, Newnorth, Epix, or GVNI email address.
  2. Click the Preferences tab and then the Composing tab below it.
  3. Select As HTML > Save in the Compose section of the screen.

The Spell Check icon should now be available on your toolbar and will resemble the image below:
spellcheck icon

* You must be on the Frontier network in order to access the Frontier Account Editor. If you are in a hotel or at the office, you may not be able to access the Frontier Account Editor.

Still need help? Call 1.800.239.4430 or Live Chat

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