Here’s what happens when your Frontier service is installed

We are dedicated to making sure that your installation experience is as smooth and easy as possible, and that it goes as planned. We want to get you up and running with your new services so read below for everything you need to know.

Getting ready for your installation

  • Before your installation date, please clear work areas for easy access around your computer and TV:
    • Move any large furniture that blocks access to outlets or jacks.
    • Make sure that the TV locations you choose are near functioning power outlets.
    • Allow 4–6 hours for installation once the technician arrives.
    • A person at least 18 years old must be at your home during the installation to make informed decisions about where to place Frontier equipment.

How the installation process works

  • The technician will talk with you about locations you want for connections of TV and internet service.
  • If you purchased fiber-optic services the technician may need to install an Optical Network Terminal in a central location, which could be in your garage, your basement or a closet. This device receives the signal from the central office and will transmit directly to your devices.
  • Your connections to the internet via modem, and to the TV via Set Top Box and Digital Video recorder, can be both wired or wireless. You can decide that prior to installation or discuss with your technician.
  • The technician will connect devices you used with your previous network to your new network. Frontier does not guarantee the functionality or compatibility of those devices. Our technicians are not authorized to troubleshoot them.
  • Note: In some cases, a connection or wiring that you used for your previous service will not be suitable for the new network you are installing. Your technician will talk to you about how to install for the best possible service.
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