Get ready for your safety-first appointment.

Due to COVID-19, we are taking additional precautions to protect you and our technicians. This means that we perform installations following appropriate special safety protocols that include wearing protective equipment and maintaining social distancing. We may also ask you to assist during installation by plugging in and activating equipment. In taking these additional precautions, we are also asking our customers to wear a face mask or face covering for the safety of our technicians.

Please, do not hesitate to chat with us for additional help.

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How the safety-first, guided appointment works


1. You will receive a reminder text one day prior to the appointment.

2. On the day of the appointment, our technician will call you when they are on their way and again upon arrival.

3. Please, be sure someone over the age of 18 is on the premises, wearing a face mask or face cover, who can communicate clearly with the technician, keeping social distancing.


1. Our technician will take every precaution to keep your family safe by using protective equipment and comply with social distancing guidelines.

2. We are asking our customers to please wear a face mask or face cover and maintain social distancing with our technician during the appointment.


You may be contacted to complete a customer satisfaction survey.

Frontier is following applicable CDC and state required procedures to protect against COVID-19 transmission. Frontier is using its best efforts in this regard. However, Frontier accepts no liability for illness related to installation or the provision of Frontier services. Frontier also reserves the right to delay, postpone or cancel installation for reasons related to COVID-19 and/or state or local rules, regulations or orders regarding COVID-19.

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