Never Miss a Call

FiOS® Digital Voice and Vantage™ Voice customers: You can get every home phone call, no matter where you are. Simply use the Find Me-Follow Me (FMFM) and Simultaneous Ring features.

Find Me-Follow Me (also called Locate Me) sends your calls to your choice of up to five locations, which ring in sequence. You can answer the call at any of those locations. For example, the phone can ring first at home, then at your office, then on your cell phone, and then on your spouse's cell phone.

Simultaneous Ring sends calls to your choice of different numbers at the same time. For example, your house phone, cell phone and office phone can all ring simultaneously. You can answer the call at any of those locations—anywhere in the U.S.

Set up these features in your voice portal.

FiOS Digital Voice Customers: Log in to My Account and click FiOS Digital Voice in the My Services section. Click Call Settings and look for Locate Me and Simultaneous Ring Settings.

Note: If you're using the MyFrontier app, log in and select FiOS Digital Voice from the menu, then choose Settings.

Locate Me feature for FiOS® Digital Voice customers
Simultaneous Ring feature for FiOS® Digital Voice customers

Vantage Voice Customers: Log in to your Vantage Voice portal at Go to Call Manager / Advanced Settings.

Call Manager for Vantage™ Voice customers

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