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Frontier Internet services available in Illinois

If you need a fast and reliable high-speed internet service provider in Illinois, your best choice is Frontier® Internet. We offer service in major cities like Chicago, Rockford, Joliet, Aurora, Springfield, Naperville and more of the surrounding areas. And we have a variety of high-speed and fiber-optic plans that will meet your speed and budget requirements.

Moving to Illinois

Changing homes can be stressful. If you’re moving to Illinois, we can make setting up your high-speed internet service painless. Whether you are a new or existing Frontier customer, you can get Illinois internet service easily. Simply check what services and home plans are available in your area. Then schedule installation and activation online or by phone.
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What to know about Frontier Fiber Internet

Fiber-optic internet can transmit up to 2,000 Mbps or 2 gigabits per second of data. With this kind of upload speed and download speed, you can open large files, stream HD videos and enjoy online gaming with little to no lagging. See how high bandwidth makes a difference.
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Customer service you can count on

The best internet providers know the importance of good customer service, including Frontier. That’s why our customer service reps are available 24/7, 365 to help you navigate any technical issues. Whether you have a question or concern, our team is here for you — day or night

The right internet service provider for you

Do you like streaming high-definition movies, sporting events, or TV shows? Do you frequently upload or download large files? Do you play video games that require fast and stable Wi-Fi connections? Frontier fiber-optic internet transmits up to 2000 Mbps or 2 Gb per second, providing the bandwidth for a better work and entertainment experience.

See discounts available

You may qualify for specially discounted services for individuals or organizations. Some lower-income Illinois residents can take advantage of existing federal assistance programs like Lifeline Support or the Affordable Connectivity Program, which provide credits that can help cover the cost of broadband internet services for your household.

Live in a rural area?

Located in rural Illinois? Frontier may already be available today in your location. If we don’t service your area yet, we are working to be there soon. We understand that high-speed internet is important to all Illinoisans, which is why we continue to work on delivering our fast and reliable fiber-optic broadband access statewide.

States where Frontier provides services

Check to see if Frontier service is available at your home address.

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