Features & Benefits

The Bill Presentation Tool provides:

Convenience Control
  • Simple access: frontier.com/login
  • Bill presentment: Consolidated statements for easy review, multi-account payments with bill history
  • Bill analysis: Reports automatically delivered via email
  • Bill payment: Auto-pay functionality
  • Cost allocation: Quick, easy reports with ability to upload existing hierarchies (ask for Premium account)
  • Bill presentment: Single or consolidated statements with ability to drill down from summary to detail; paperless billing enrollment available
  • Bill analysis: Markups for re-billing (ask for Premium account)
  • Bill payment: Multiple payment methods (ACH or printed remittance slip) with multiple payment options (real-time, auto-pay, checking or savings)
  • Cost allocation: Multiple hierarchy functionality for various cost-allocation reports (ask for Premium account)
Customization Confidence
  • Bill presentment: User-defined statement and account descriptions
  • Bill analysis: Customizable reports and filters with multiple designs, fields, calculations, delivery methods, file types, frequency and distribution preferences (ask for Premium account)
  • Bill payment: User-defined payment preferences
  • Cost allocation: Hierarchies and cost allocation to align with unique organizational structures (ask for Premium account)
  • Bill presentment: Accurate online statements consistent with paper bills; online payment history for up to 13 months
  • Bill analysis: Easy access to detailed data
  • Bill payment: Secure transactions through 128-bit SSL encryption, including storage of payment and password information
  • Cost allocation: Automated reports avoid human error (ask for Premium account)

Real-world examples of how companies benefit from the Bill Presentation tool:

  • Companies with multiple accounts can schedule automatic payments to eliminate time and resources required for monthly payment process.
  • Large enterprises can get a detailed view into telecom spending, monitor spending trends, and allocate charges to specific internal cost centers (ask for Premium account).
  • School districts can monitor employee spending on monthly basis and identify misuse of personal and international calling.
  • Trucking companies can run charge summary report for each employee and then bill back expenditures over certain amount.
  • Law firms, landlords, and other wholesale companies can markup communications services and re-bill to customers and tenants (ask for Premium account).
  • Universities can schedule reports to automatically generate and distribute monthly billing reports to each academic department for review.
  • Sales and marketing departments can run reports on 800 numbers to determine which regions or markets are producing highest responses to advertising campaigns.
  • Enterprises can dramatically reduce manhours needed to parse telecom data to allocate it to different departments (ask for Premium account).

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