The Frontier Enterprise Portal provides a single location for managing:

  • Accounts
  • Orders
  • Invoices
  • Repair Tickets
Bill Presentment Bill Analysis
  • View current statement(s) and up to 13 months of historical statements. We recommend you download the statements month by month. Only two months of the formatted PDF are available at any given time.
  • When you first sign up to view statements, you will not see 13 months of statements. One statement will become available each month. After 13 months, you will continue to see "up to 13 months" of historical statements in the Enterprise Portal.
  • View single statement or consolidate multiple statements to easily see total costs
  • Compare current costs to historical data to quickly identify unanticipated variances and analyze cost and usage trends
  • Print or export data (PDF, CSV, XML) (ask for a Premium account)
  • Access customized reports to meet specific reporting needs
  • Access customized filters to quickly extract specific information from high volumes of data (calls made to a specific number, costs greater than a specific value, calls made during a certain timeframe)
  • Schedule automated reports for recurring delivery to user and additional recipients
  • Run reports against multiple levels of the organizational structure (corporate, departmental, individual, geographical) (ask for Premium account)
  • Print or export table and graph reports (PDF, CSV, JPG, PNG, XML) (ask for Premium account)
Gain immediate access to pre-defined Summary and Detail reports:

  • Charge Detail
  • Usage Detail
  • Statement of Account
  • Account Aging Summary
  • Credits and Adjustments
  • Credit Note Summary
Payments Cost Allocation
  • Make individual or consolidated payments via ACH, Credit Cards, or Debit Cards (VISA, Mastercard, American Express or Discover).
  • Store payment methods to quickly manage payment process.
  • Print a remittance slip for offline payment.
  • Allocate accounts and services to unique organizational hierarchy with built-in hierarchy functionality in minutes (ask for Premium account).
  • Run monthly Cost Allocation report with a few clicks (ask for Premium account).
  • Print or export (PDF, CSV, XML) (ask for Premium account).
Paperless Billing Account Management
  • Eliminate unnecessary paper bills and go green by accessing all statements online. Access up to 13 months of historical information, printable and exportable statements and reports for offline storage and management.
  • Receive email notifications when new statements are available.
  • Print remittance slip for offline payment.
  • Setup & Options:
    • Add and manage users by selecting permissions and aligning visibility to a specific area within the organizational hierarchy
    • Apply customized markups to reports for re-billing (ask for a Premium account)
    • Define personal and business phone numbers to enforce employee calling policies
Still need help? Call 1.800.921.8102 or Live Chat

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