Get Set Up in the Enterprise Portal

Most larger Frontier customers need to use our Enterprise Portal. There are two main reasons why the Enterprise Portal is mandatory for online bill view and pay:

  1. Summary Master Accounts (SMA) are fictitious billing accounts that combine Billing Telephone Numbers (BTNs) for easier viewing and paying. SMAs need to be in our Enterprise Portal. They are not eligible for the Small Business Portal.
  2. A customer with more than 20 individual BTNs must be in the Enterprise Portal. When customers add more BTNs, they experience latency in the Small Business Portal. Data show that 20 BTNs is the limit for a good customer experience.

Before you can use the Enterprise Portal, Frontier must set up your accounts in our main billing system. Please contact your assigned Customer Service Analyst or call 1.800.921.8102 to request access.

A Frontier agent will assign a Global Account Number (GAN) to your accounts before setting you up in the Enterprise Portal. All Billing Telephone Numbers (BTNs) added to your customer account will use this GAN.

Your Frontier Agent will place the necessary service orders to set up the accounts. This may take several days. Your agent will establish your access to the Frontier Enterprise Portal and give you your Frontier ID and password to sign in.

Billing Account information will appear for accounts only after one complete billing cycle. For example, if your account was set up on June 2nd, but your billing cycle is on the 1st of the month, your first statement to appear in the Enterprise Portal will be the following month's July 1st bill.

Still need help? Call 1.800.921.8102 or Live Chat

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