How to read and understand your bill

Watch the short video for a breakdown of your bill. Or read detailed explanations for each section of your bill below.

How to read your first Frontier bill

Get a quick overview of the information on your monthly billing statement and what it means for you.

How to navigate your bill

We’ve broken down your bill with helpful visuals and explanations so you can better understand every detail.

Account summary

The Account Summary section provides a view of your current charges and the charges from the previous billing period.
  • Billing date: The date your bill was created at the start of your billing cycle.
  • New charges: Service charges for the current billing period.
  • New charges due date: The date any new charges must be paid.
  • Prior bill period balance: The amount billed for the previous month.
  • Payments received through MM/DD/YY: Payments we’ve applied to your account as of the date shown.
  • Balance forward: Your previous balance less any payments received since your last bill.
  • Total balance: Your balance forward amount plus any new charges.
Account Summary

Monthly service charges

This section lists recurring service charges or credits related to services like:
  • Internet, Voice and Video
  • Total Shield or My Premium Tech Pro
  • Equipment charges
  • Premium services like HBO and Showtime
  • Call forwarding, Caller ID and Call Waiting
  • Promotional discount rates or bundle discounts
Monthly Service Charges
Promotional periods will be listed after the service. Example: Product Term MM/DD/YY - MM/DD/YY. Promotional credits are shown with an expiration date. Example: $15.00 discount through MM/DD/YY.

Other service charges and credits

This section of your bill shows one-time charges and credits, partial month charges and long distance plans.
  • One-time charges and credits: Activation charges, billing adjustments, late payment fees that are paid once.
  • Partial month charges: The amount due for extra days of service outside your 30-day billing period. This typically happens when you start a new service or change services prior to your bill date.
  • Long distance plans and usage charges: The amount for long distance calls you’ve made during the billing period. Sign in to My Account for complete call history.

    Taxes and surcharges

    This section includes taxes and surcharges, which are mandated at the local, state and federal level. Other taxes or charges may come from Frontier.
    Taxes are assessed on the full price of service, not discounted or promotional rates.

    Less common charges

    Occasionally, you might find a charge on your bill that you’re unfamiliar with. Here are some less-common charges.
    • Expired promotional plan: When your contract term expires, you’ll be charged our everyday low monthly rates.
    • New or changed service(s): Typically activation or setup charges from adding or changing a service.
    • On demand and event charges: Fees for pay-per-view, video rental or video purchases.
    • Toll charge: International call, collect call, and directory assistance call fees.
    • Early termination fee: Charges for cancelling service before the end of a special promotional offer.
    • Late payment fee: Fees due for missed or late payments. Call us at 800-801-6652 to check your balance or make a payment.
    • Returned check fee: Charges for bank drafts or checks returned to Frontier because your financial institution was unable to process your payment.
    • Convenience fee: A fee of up to $10 for using a Frontier agent to pay your bill over the phone.

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