Understand My Bill

Below, we give an overview of the information on your monthly bill and provide a detailed explanation for each section.

Account Summary

The Account Summary section provides a view of your current charges and the charges from the previous billing period.

  • Billing Date: The date the bill was created and the start of your bill cycle.
  • New Charges Due Date: The date any new charges are required to be paid.
  • Previous Balance: The amount billed for the previous month.
  • Payments Received Thru M/DD/YY: Payments Frontier has applied to your account as of the date shown.
  • Balance Forward: The previous balance less any payments received since your last bill.
  • New Charges: Service charges for the current billing period.
  • Total Amount Due: The balance forward amount plus new charges.

Note: Balance Forward charges are considered overdue and need to be paid immediately.

Account summary on Frontier bill

Monthly Service Charges

This section lists your monthly, recurring service charges and credits. Charges and credits may be related to services including, but not limited to:

  • Video service
  • Internet service
  • Voice service
  • Equipment charges
  • Premium or promotional services (HBO, EPIX, Showtime, CINEMAX)
  • Features (Call Forwarding, Caller ID, Call Waiting)
  • Promotional or discount rates
  • Bundle discounts

Promotional periods will be listed after the service. Example: Fiber Internet Gig Service Term M/DD/YY – M/DD/YY.

Promotional credit amounts include the discount amount and expiration date. Example: $15.00 discount through M/DD/YY.

Charges on Frontier bill

Other Service Charges and Credits

One Time Charges and Credits

These charges and credits are shown in the “Other Service Charges and Credits” section. Additional details are typically listed on page 4 of your bill. One-time charges and credits include:

  • Activation charges
  • Billing adjustments
  • Late payment fees
  • Pay-per-view or on-demand charges
  • Usage charges (long distance including international calls)

  • Charges on Frontier bill

    Partial Month Charges

    These charges and credits are shown in the “Other Service Charges and Credits” section. Partial month charges may be incurred when you start a new service or change services prior to your bill date. This means that your next bill may include the extra days of service in addition to a full month of service. Partial monthly charges are determined by taking the total monthly charge and dividing it by 30 days.

    Partial charges on Frontier bill

    Long Distance Plans and usage Charges

    If you are charged for a call it will appear on your bill. Customers who have unlimited calls in their voice plan will not see individual calls displayed automatically on their bill. Additional call details are typically shown on page 4 of your bill including the date, time, duration and type of call, the place and number called, and the charge for each call. Log into My Account to review your complete call history.

    Long distance charges

    Taxes and Other Charges

    This section includes taxes and surcharges, which differ by state and services provided. Some are mandated by state, local and/or federal requirements (and may vary) while others may come from Frontier. Taxes are assessed on the full price of the service, not a discounted or promotional rate.

    Full details are typically shown on page 4 of your bill. Here is an alphabetical list of the taxes and other charges you may see on your bill.

    Taxes on Frontier Bill

    Additional Charges

    Occasionally, you may find a charge on your bill that you’re unfamiliar with. Here, you’ll find a summary of additional charges.

  • Expired Promotional Plan: When your term contract reaches the expiration date, the promotional discounts you received will also expire. Your service will then bill at our everyday low monthly rate. The promotional discount and expiration date is shown in the “Monthly Service Charge” section of your bill.
  • New or changed service(s): If you add/change a service, there may be initial charges reflected in your bill, such as:
  • Activation or setup charges
  • Partial Month charges for the initial days of service billed in addition to the first full month of service.
  • On Demand and Event Charges: These are pay-per-view, video rental, or video purchase charges for on-demand content.
  • Long Distance Charges: Your household may have placed more long-distance calls than expected.
  • Toll Charges: These include directory assistance calls, international calls and collect calls. Check the call detail section of your bill for these types of calls. Collect calls display from and to numbers, date, time, and duration as well as the company assessing the charges.
  • Early Termination Fee: If you cancel service before the end of a special promotional offer, you are responsible for paying any applicable Early Termination Fee. The promotional discount and expiration date is shown in the “Monthly Service Charge” section of your bill.
  • Late Payment Fee: Your bill may have been mailed before your latest payment was received, or you may have missed a payment. If a payment is not received by the billing due date, you will be charged a late fee. The Late Payment Fee is located under the “Other Service Charges and Credits” section of your bill. Call 800.801.6652 to check your balance or make a payment.
  • Returned Check Fee: If a bank draft or check is returned to Frontier because the financial institution was unable to process it through the customer’s bank account a Returned Check fee may apply.
  • Convenience Fee: If you use a Frontier Agent to pay your bill over the phone a convenience fee of up to $10 may apply.
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