Multi-Device Security from Frontier

Multi-Device Security from Frontier Secure is an upgrade to our former product, Computer Security. It is available on,, or by calling 1.888.620.3663.

Multi-Device Security allows you to protect up to 10 devices—including PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices—from online threats such as  malware,  viruses, and  phishing.

Email Filtering Easily filter email in Outlook, Outlook Express, and Windows Mail. Mark spam messages with “SPAM” in the email subject field. Use spam filtering to create rules in Outlook, Outlook Express, and Windows Mail automatically. (You must create filtering rules manually in other email applications.)
Safe Browsing This security-enhanced search engine provides web site safety ratings while you search online, helping to protect your personal details and devices. Checks for known harmful sites that try to steal your personal information or spread malware. Marks search results clearly with a safety rating. Automatically filters out explicit and adult images, making it much more suitable for your children.
Browsing Protection As you browse, each web page's reputation is checked seamlessly to ensure its safety. Safe site? Access it normally—with no interruptions. Unsafe site? Access is automatically blocked and you are alerted and advised not to visit the site. Modify Browsing Protection settings with Parental Controls.
Still need help? Call 1.800.921.8105 or Live Chat

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