Change My Wi-Fi Password

You will need your Wi-Fi network name and password to connect a device such as a computer, smartphone, or tablet to your wireless network. This information helps to keep your network safe from intruders, so be sure to use a name and password that are not easy for someone to guess. It is not a good idea to use your last name or your street name for a network name.

To change your router's password for added security, read the instructions for your device, including 2WIRE or Motorola, FiOS, Netgear 7550, Westell 7500, Siemens SE567, and SpeedStream 6520.

Note: The default  SSID or ESSID (Extended Service Set Identifier) and password should be printed on a sticker on the bottom of your router. Unless you have already changed the SSID/ESSID and password, the settings on the sticker must match those you have entered in your device for Wi-Fi access.

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