Fiber Digital Voice Phone Management

Easy and efficient to manage, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology means reliable reception delivered in a digital signal that travels through the Internet to and from your home. Frontier Digital Voice adds 20+ calling features including access from your computer and mobile app.

Get Started

Configure your voice service, set up your voicemail, and customize your calling features

  1. Dial *100 from your landline phone. If you're away from home, dial your home phone number or 1.844.994.4993.
  2. When the system greeting begins press *, then enter your phone number and press *.
  3. Enter your PIN followed by the # key. You received your 6-digit PIN when you placed your Frontier order. Your account will be disabled after 3 incorrect PIN entries. If you forget or disable your PIN, call us.
    • A tutorial will guide you through the steps to set your own personalized PIN, and help you to set up more features.
Make Calls

Remember to dial the entire 10-digit telephone number every time you make a call.

Navigate Settings from your Phone
User Guide

Everything you want to know is in this user guide.

Need Help?

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