Unlimited digital voice features and support

Unlimited Digital Voice by Frontier® is built with digital technology to deliver excellent call quality and reliability with more than 20 calling features. Learn more about Unlimited Digital Voice and get support for your service.

Set up and manage Unlimited Digital Voice by phone

Configure your voice service, set up voicemail and customize your calling features

  1. Dial *100 from your landline phone. If you’re away from home, dial 1-844-994-4993
  2. When you hear the greeting, press * then enter your phone number and press * again.
  3. Enter your PIN followed by #.

Your account will be disabled after 3 incorrect PIN entries. You received your 6-digit PIN when you placed your Unlimited Digital Voice order. If you forgot your PIN, chat with us.

Voicemail navigation and user guide

    How to manage Unlimited Digital Voice from the MyFrontier app

    The MyFrontier app lets you manage your account anytime, anywhere. Download the app today.

    1. Sign in to the app for Android or iOS
    2. From the dashboard, find the My Plans section
    3. Click Unlimited Digital Voice

      How to manage Unlimited Digital Voice online

      Manage your voicemails, see recent calls, change call settings, edit contacts and more from your computer or set-top box.

      From your computer

      1. Sign in to your account
      2. Click Unlimited Digital Voice under My Services

        Unlimited Digital Voice calling features

        Explore the full list of Unlimited Digital Voice calling features. Or download the Unlimited Digital Voice user guide to learn how to use each feature.

        Unlimited Digital Voice customers get access to a service called Nomorobo that blocks unwanted calls from telemarketers and spam callers for free. How to use Nomorobo:

        1. Visit nomorobo.com
        2. Click Get Started Now and choose Frontier as your carrier

        You’ll receive an email with complete directions on how to stop these calls to your home.

        Additional calling feature support

          Nomorobo is a trademark of Telephone Science Corporation.

          International calling plans

          International plans can be added to your Unlimited Digital Voice service at any time for an additional fee. Learn more about the two add on plans, World 300 and 500:

          If you don’t have an international calling plan, you’ll be charged a per-minute rate. The rate depends on your location and which country you’re calling.

          Get more information on standard international rates.

            Troubleshooting your Unlimited Digital Voice service

            I forgot my voicemail password or passcode

            Please chat with us to reset your password or recover your passcode.

            My calls go straight to voicemail

            1. Sign in to your account at um.frontier.com
            2. See if any of the following features are enabled:
            • Call forwarding to the voicemail access number
            • Do Not Disturb is set to send callers to voicemail

            Still experiencing problems? Chat with us.

            How do I deactivate voicemail?

            If you have your own home answering machine and you want to deactivate voicemail, please chat with us.

            My phone doesn’t ring or I have no dial tone

            My phone doesn’t ring

            Check your phone to make sure that the ringer is set to a level that you will hear easily. Or follow these steps:

            1. Sign in to um.frontier.com
            2. Click Call Manager
            3. See if any of the following features are enabled:
            • Call forwarding to the voicemail access number
            • Do Not Disturb is set to send callers to voicemail

            I have no dial tone

            1. Make sure your telephone is plugged into the wall jack.
            2. If your phone requires electricity (e.g., cordless phone), make sure it is plugged into a working power outlet.
            3. If your phone runs on battery power, make sure the battery is charged.

            Still experiencing problems? Chat with us.

            I have a fast busy signal

            A fast busy signal may mean you have a balance due. Please chat with us to see if there’s a problem with your account.

            Power outages and out-of-service back-up phone number

            Power outages

            Your Unlimited Digital Voice service requires electrical power to function. In case of a power outage, the battery backup unit will power your basic Unlimited Digital Voice services — including 911 dialing — for a minimum of 8 hours. Be sure you have a fully-charged battery inserted in the unit.


            • If the battery is drained or there is no battery present, the Service will not function for any purpose.
            • If your home security system is currently using a jack in your house, those same jacks can be used for Unlimited Digital Voice without impacting security services. In the event of a power outage, the power limitations apply to your alarm system.
            • The BBU will not power your internet services, television services, or computer. You are responsible for buying and/or replacing the battery in the BBU.

            Out-of-service back-up phone number

            Unlimited Digital Voice lets you choose a back-up number where your calls can be forwarded. This is important if you have a power outage and don't have battery back-up. Once your phone service has been restored, the forwarding is stopped automatically.

            Back-up numbers can be set up using your Unlimited Digital Voice Web Portal:

            1. Sign in to um.frontier.com
            2. Click Setting
            3. Click the Calls tab
            4. Set up unavailable call forwarding

            Note: If you have enabled either Selective Call Forwarding or Call Forwarding, the phone numbers you have set will override the Back-Up Number. If you have Voicemail activated to take your calls or have Simultaneous Ring or Locate Me enabled, your call will go to your specified Back-Up Number.

            Battery backup for Unlimited Digital Voice

            Unlimited Digital Voice service needs your home’s electricity to work. If you lose power, a battery backup unit can power your phone so you can make phone calls, including emergency 911 calls.

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