Frontier Lifeline Program

Find out if you qualify for discounted Frontier Services.

If you have been living without phone service because you cannot afford it, you may be eligible for this government assistance program. Frontier is committed to helping qualified low-income individuals pay for telephone service or qualifying internet access services by supporting the principles of Universal Service. The goal of Universal Service is to make telephone or qualifying internet access services affordable, by participating in low-income Lifeline (or Tribal Lifeline/Link Up) programs in all the states where Frontier provides service.

You can apply your Lifeline discount to qualifying standalone internet access services. If you do not have voice (traditional telephone) services with Frontier, but you have standalone internet access, you may be able to quality for the Lifeline discount. Services and availability vary by state, so contact Customer Service and a Frontier representative will be happy to see if you have qualifying internet access services in your area.

In some states, the list of government programs that make you eligible for the Lifeline discount have changed. Select your state from the menu at the bottom of this page and click Next to view the eligibility requirements in your area.

Select your state from the list below to see if you qualify for the Lifeline discount, and to print an application.