Voice Control with the Frontier Skill for Amazon Alexa

Pair up your Alexa Echo device with your Frontier® DVR Experience set-top box and start talking.

Want Alexa to change your channels? Just ask.

If you are one of the more than 8 million people using an Alexa-enabled device, listen up!

Frontier DVR Experience combines your top-of-the-line TV experience with the hands-free, easy-to-use Alexa cloud-based voice service platform you love to use. Ask Alexa to change the channel, search your viewing guide and video-on-demand as well as control the video playback itself (pause, fast-forward, rewind).

Go directly to the programming you want to watch, without clicking your remote.

What can I ask Alexa to do?
  • Change channels
  • Search the program guide
  • Search video-on-demand
  • Control playback functions
How to pair your Alexa-enabled device
1 Be sure that your Frontier Set-Top Box (STB) is connected to the internet. Every STB will be paired with its own Alexa-enabled device.
2 Enable Frontier TV in the Alexa App on your smartphone
  • Open the Alexa App on your mobile device and log in
  • Tap Music, Video, & Books from the side menu
  • Tap FRONTIER from the Video section of the list
3 Pair your internet-connected STB with your Amazon Alexa-enabled device
  • Using FRONTIER remote and STB, press the MENU button
  • Select VOICE CONTROL from left side menu
  • Select Amazon Alexa and then select Get Code from this screen.
  • The screen will show Activation Code and Device Name. Make a note of both.
  • Now, in your Amazon Alexa mobile app, enter the Activation Code that shows on your TV Screen
  • Tap PAIR. When you see green checkmark, tap CONTINUE. Close the screen by tapping X.
  • App will search for discoverable devices. Choose the device that matches your STB. Tap CONTINUE
  • Then, choose the Alexa-enabled device you are linking, then tap LINK DEVICES to complete the pairing
Voice Command Examples

Alexa will respond to a variety of channel change commands such as:

Channel Changes
  • Alexa, tune to TNT
  • Alexa, go to Channel 900
  • Alexa, change the channel to NBC
Search the Guide
and Video-On-Demand
  • Alexa, search for Fixer Upper
  • Alexa, find the Tom Cruise movies
  • Alexa, show me Cowboys
Playback Control
  • Alexa, pause or Alexa, resume, or Alexa, play
  • Alexa, fast-forward or Alexa, skip forward
  • Alexa, go back one minute, or Alexa, skip 10 seconds
Adding more functions

There's nothing for you to do. New commands will be added automatically.

To pair your Alexa-enabled device, make sure you have the Frontier DVR Experience

Supported Devices:

  • FMS2
  • IPC1100
  • IPC4100
  • IPC815W
  • VMS1100 (Frontier DVR Experience)

This product does not work with our older QIP platform.

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