Fiber TV channel, installation and user guides

Check below for the local channel lineup for your Fiber TV package. You can download and print it for your convenience.

Channel availability is based on market. Please note, all channels are not available in all markets and may not be available until later in the month.

Installation & user guides


    How to program my Frontier Fiber TV remote

    Follow these step-by-step instructions to program your Fiber TV remote to work with your TV and Frontier set-top box.

    Fiber TV On Demand

    On Demand lets you watch your favorite movies, TV shows, premium channel content and other programming any time you want.

    What can I watch with Fiber TV On Demand?

    Access a library of 150,000 On Demand entertainment choices in categories such as:
    • Free On Demand
    • Kids Zone
    • New Releases
    • Frontier® Movie Deals
    • Pre-Order Movies
    • Zona Latina
    • Events
    • Adult
    • Subscriptions

    How do I order programs?

    Press the On Demand button on your remote control, make your selection and follow the prompts to order.

    The charges will appear on your monthly bill.

    With On Demand, you can buy a title and watch it again and again. It's easy to build a library of your favorite titles to watch whenever you want. Or, choose from thousands of titles to rent. You have up to 30 days to begin watching a rented title, but once you start you have 48 hours to watch a rented title.

    How do I block certain programming?

    Use Parental Controls to block access to Pay-Per-View and On Demand purchases. Choose to show or hide adult programming from TV Listings, or block programs with a particular rating level or higher.

    Create a PIN so controls can't be changed without your approval. The user-defined PIN is required to access blocked content.

    How do I troubleshoot problems?

    Most often, rebooting your set-top-box will fix most TV issues.

    To reboot your set-top-box from your remote control.

    1. Go to Menu then Customer Support.
    2. Select Top Support Tools then Reboot STB.

    Or unplug your router for 30 seconds and plug it back in.

    If this doesn't fix the issue, make sure:

    • All router connections are correct and secure.
    • You subscribe to the On Demand programming you want to watch.
    • Your Network Interface Module (if you have one) is plugged in and all connections are secure.
    • Your Frontier-provided router is connected before the VoIP router (if you have one). Not doing so can degrade the quality of both your On Demand and internet service.

    Get more support and troubleshooting tips.

    Important: If you are using a Cable Card-equipped device, such as TiVo®, you cannot access On Demand content.

    Fiber TV Pay-Per-View

    Fiber TV gives you a front-row seat to the latest Pay-Per-View shows and events like concerts and boxing matches. It's all available from your remote control.

    You can watch a Pay-Per-View program live or record it for later, if you have a DVR. Sometimes, due to copyright restrictions, your DVR won't be able to record a Pay-Per-View program.

    Note: Additional fees may apply.

    How do I choose a show or event?

    You can find Pay-Per-View events in the guide on channel 1000 or 1001.

    To see what's playing and to order:

    1. Press the Menu button on your remote.
    2. Select Pay Per View.
    3. Highlight a title in Upcoming Special Events or Upcoming Shows.
    4. Press OK.
    5. Follow the instructions to purchase.

    How do I set a Pay-Per-View reminder?

    Don't miss a minute of an event you've pre-purchased.

    1. Go to the Main Menu.
    2. Select the event in the Purchased Shows folder.
    3. Select Set Reminder on the event information screen.

    How do I block programming?

    Use Fiber TV Parental Controls to block specific programming or block access by channel or rating.

    • When a particular rating level is blocked, the Fiber TV IMG automatically blocks higher ratings.
    • Block individual purchases.
    • Show or hide adult programming in the TV Listings.
    • Create a PIN that must be entered to access blocked content.

    Fiber TV tips

    Use your on-screen Interactive Media Guide (IMG) to search for programming by day and time, title, actor, or category (such as sports, comedy, or music). You'll see a list of programs available to watch now and up to 14 days in the future.

    How do I change my default audio language to English or Spanish?

    1. From your remote, choose Menu then Settings.
    2. Select System then Language and Audio Language.
    3. Choose either English Preferred or Spanish Preferred.

    Please note that channel changes effective in the middle of a month may not appear on the channel lineups until the following month.

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