Frontier Email Account

Use Frontier Yahoo Mail

Frontier Yahoo Mail lets you check your email from any device you use to connect to the internet. There is no additional charge to use our email service powered by Yahoo. Log in: To access your Frontier Yahoo Mail account: Go to Enter your complete Frontier [...]

Change My Password

You have different passwords to keep your Frontier services secure. Which password do you want to change? Your Frontier ID Password is for paying your bill and logging in to My Account. Read how to change your Frontier ID password. Your Frontier Email Password is for accessing your [...]

Changes to Your Email Terms of Service

Your Frontier email account is provided through Frontier's partnership with Yahoo. Yahoo and AOL have come together as Oath, a part of Verizon, and have a new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Please read and accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy so you can continue using your Frontier [...]

Access Frontier Email on Mobile Devices

To use your Frontier email account on your home computer, go to and log in. To access your email on your mobile device, read the instructions for your type of device: Apple iPhone or iPad Android devices Note: The instructions included here are [...]

Set Up Email in Other Programs

Here are links to step-by-step instructions for setting up your Frontier email account in 4 of the most popular email programs. Not sure which one you're using? Find out how to identify your email program. Choose your email software: Macintosh Mail Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Windows [...]

Use Frontier Mail

Some Frontier customers are using Frontier Mail, but it is no longer available to add to new or existing Frontier accounts. Frontier Mail contains a number of basic and advanced features you can use on your computer or mobile device. If you are an existing user, be sure to read the troubleshooting [...]

Troubleshoot Email Issues

Find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about your Frontier email: Which mail server settings do I need when setting up my email software? How do I update my username and password? What if I forgot my username or password? How do I create additional email [...]

How to Update Your Frontier Email Security Settings

IMPORTANT: YOU WILL LOSE EMAIL ACCESS IF YOU DON’T MAKE THESE UPDATES WITHIN 15 DAYS OF RECEIVING YOUR FIRST COMMUNICATION FROM FRONTIER. Staying up to date with your Frontier email settings is always important. This new update adds email security to your email account in the following [...]