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Configure My Router

Select your device—including FiOS® Internet Router, Linksys router, SpeedStream 6520 or SE 567 Gateway, Westell 7500 or Netgear 7550 Gateway or your own router—for detailed instructions on how to set your specific router or modem to work wirelessly. This will enable you to have [...]

Change My Wi-Fi Password

You will need your Wi-Fi network name and password to connect a device such as a computer, smartphone, or tablet to your wireless network. This information helps to keep your network safe from intruders, so be sure to use a name and password that are not easy for someone to guess. It is not a good [...]


You may be able to save the cost of professional installation by installing your Internet service yourself. Contact customer service to make sure you're eligible to order a self-installation kit and that you get everything you need. Order the Self-Installation Kit [...]

Connect My Smartphone/Tablet

To enable your smartphone or tablet to access your wireless network, select your device for detailed instructions: Amazon Kindle or Kindle Fire, an Android device, Google Chromebook, HTC Evo, Apple iPhone or iPad, Microsoft Surface, Motorola Droid Razr, Nook, Samsung Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Tablet. For [...]

Restart My Router and Set-Top Box

Restarting/rebooting your router or set-top box will often resolve connectivity problems. See the instructions below and be sure to watch the How to Restart Your Router video. After a reboot, if you still need help, contact our Technical Support team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at [...]

Video Transcripts: Installation/Setup

Did you know Frontier has produced more than 100 self-help videos? They are all available in our Video Gallery, and you will find some of the most popular videos attached to individual Help Center articles. Here are links to our videos explaining how to manage your account information, along [...]

Connect My Gaming System

Getting your gaming system ready to use your wireless network takes two steps: Set up your router to work with your game console. Set up your game console to connect to your wireless network. Note: Frontier is not responsible for investigating the appropriate ports to forward for any [...]

Requirements for Service

Frontier High-Speed Internet service is subject to availability and technical line qualification. Installation options vary and charges may apply. In order to utilize Frontier High-Speed Internet service, you must have: A Frontier telephone line that is qualified for Frontier High-Speed [...]

Wireless Network Basics

Before you dive into configuring your network, here are some facts to give you an understanding of what the network is all about, from definitions to tips for the best performance. One piece of equipment: Your Frontier equipment may include a combined High-Speed Internet modem and wireless [...]

Connect My Computer (Wireless)

There are two ways to connect a computer to your High-Speed Internet network: by wireless connection and by wired connection. This article explains how to set up a wireless connection. To start, click your computer operating system below. Windows 2000, XP or [...]