Internet Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot Internet Issues

If you're experiencing issues while trying to connect to the internet, we have troubleshooting tools for you. Automated Troubleshooting Tool Automated Troubleshooting can resolve many common internet connection issues. Go to our Troubleshooting page and log in with your Frontier ID if [...]

How to Release & Renew Your IP Address

To fix an Internet connection problem that was not resolved by restarting your router, try releasing and renewing your IP address. On a Windows computer: Click Start > Run and type cmd in the Open field, then press Enter. (If prompted, select Run as administrator.) Type ipconfig /release [...]

Service Outages

Did you lose your power? Are your TV and internet services not working? Call 1.800.921.8101 to report an outage or find out the outage status in your area. Note: For many Frontier voice customers, your phone service will continue to work for a minimum of 8 hours with a fully-charged battery [...]

Tips to Improve Your Internet Speed

If you're experiencing slower than expected response times with your Internet connection, here are several tips to help improve your speed. Following these steps in order can help you identify the [...]

How to Find Your Forgotten Wi-Fi Password

If you've never changed your wireless home network password, you'll find your default network name and password on a sticker on your broadband home router, residential gateway or modem. Windows Computer Users To find your forgotten Wi-Fi password, you must follow these steps on a Windows [...]

Firmware Update for My Router

Updating your router's firmware—its operating system—on a regular basis is important for better connections, reliable security and fixing any bugs. That's why we take care of pushing updates directly to your router from our central locations. We keep track of any manufacturer updates, [...]

Automated Troubleshooting

Automated Troubleshooting is currently available to existing FiOS®, Vantage™ by Frontier®, and High-Speed Internet customers. If you're having trouble with your internet connection, TV signal, or phone, Automated Troubleshooting may resolve your issue. How it works: Frontier [...]