Better Web Browsing

Protect My Computer

If you protect your computer and yourself, you can use the Internet safely. Here are some tips for protecting your computer against damage caused by hackers including: viruses spyware adware malware spam phishing 1. Use a Firewall A firewall is software or hardware that [...]

Practice Online Safety

If you connect to the internet, you need cybersecurity software. That goes for your computer, laptop, smartphone, and tablet. At Frontier, we do our best to protect you from online threats, attacks, hacks, and more. But you need to be alert. Viruses and malware may go undetected on your [...]

Get Rid of Spyware and Spam

Help keep yourself safe from hackers. Learn the risks of Internet use and how to take action. Here are some helpful tips on protection and clean-up. First, find out whether someone's trying to take advantage of you. The email you received may be a virus hoax—a false warning about a computer [...]

Get Better Search Results

The internet is a huge resource, so it makes sense to know the words and format that will help you find exactly what you’re looking for. These tips work for any search engine you might use, such as Yahoo or Google: Avoid using common words such as "it" and "how" in your search. These [...]

Watch ESPN3

Every Frontier® internet customer can get this great ESPN3 programming absolutely free. You have 2 easy ways to access it: Go to Download the ESPN mobile app on your device. You need to have a supported device to watch ESPN3. For a list of compatible devices and [...]

Accept Cookies

When you accept cookies, you're letting websites store little bits of information on your computer. This can speed up your browsing time or let the website to deliver customized information to you. Some websites require cookies, and other websites use them to save your data and track your [...]

Frontier My Wi-Fi

What's a wireless hotspot? It's an area with a wireless signal that lets you connect to the internet or any available computer network. Local businesses often provide a wireless signal to their customers through Frontier's network. Frontier puts one or more of our wireless devices in or [...]

Set My Homepage

It's easy to set your browser to go to the page of your choice every time you open your browser. This will become your homepage. For full instructions, choose your preferred web browser below. You may also want to make Frontier Yahoo! your homepage. Google Chrome  Browser software is [...]

Clear My Browser, Cache & Cookies

Clearing out your web browser's temporary files—often called cache—can help your computer run faster. Cache is created when your web browser stores certain files on your computer temporarily. If you revisit a web page, you’ll see cached files rather than downloading the page [...]

Dialup Internet Connection

Dialup Internet access is often used in areas where other types of high-speed Internet access are not yet available. If you use Frontier's dialup connection, you are responsible to obtain your modem. You can have the same username and password on multiple computers using a dialup connection, but [...]