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Multi-Device Security

What Is Multi-Device Security?

Multi-Device Security from Frontier Secure is an upgrade to our former product, Computer Security. It is available on,, or by calling 1.888.620.3663. Multi-Device Security allows you to protect up to 10 devices—including PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices—from [...]

Install or Update Multi-Device Security

Once you’ve ordered Multi-Device Security you will receive a welcome email with your login information. Multi-Device Security works on your PC, Mac, iOS device and Android device. Be sure to check the Requirements for Use before you begin. Then read the installation instructions. The update [...]

Configure Parental Controls

You can modify Browsing Protection settings and Time Limits through the Multi-Device Security application. On a PC, profiles displayed are specific to the Windows accounts currently set up on your PC. You can modify the settings by selecting a user's profile and clicking Settings. Each account can [...]

Manage My Multi-Device Security Account

All of your Multi-Device Security account information is available when you log into the Multi-Device Security portal. On the main screen of the portal, select Account Details to see: Your subscription status The information you entered upon registration The choices you made for [...]